About Rafa's Painting

As a team we have worked over many years in all kinds of situations, from situations of high concentration in high-rise buildings to complicated structures where more than a professional job is required and a level of expert detail is needed.

We have traveled this road for a long time, our experience and the dedication of our team makes us the option not only perfect but the option to get the result you expect.

One of our greatest virtues is the attention we put in listening to our customers and we understand every detail of what you need, that is why we get results in each of the work we do. We are proud to have a 100% committed team to carry out the indicated task as it is expected to obtain the result.

Since 2005 we have offered our services bearing in mind the quality with which we do each task entrusted. This quality is what has allowed us to grow as a company until we have a team of more than 30 members committed to giving only the best of each and making our customers happy and satisfied with our services.

Among our most precious virtues we can highlight:


One of our top fundamental virtues that makes us a first option.


Our commitment to offer you just the best service a company can offer.


Our great team is bound by strong ties of integrity.


Each time a challenge comes to our door gives us another change to show our great service and solutions.

Meet Our Amazing Team


Rafa Berganza CEO

Enrique Andrade Foreman


Marvin Sosa Foreman


Alex Ramos Foreman

Our team is the base for so many great oportunities we have had, so we are grateful with our clients for the oportunity to work with them and let us be part of the happiness of having a great home again.

Rafa's PaintingOur Services

Interior Painting

Offering the best interior painting to get the best results.

Exterior Painting

Quality paint to offer a renewed touch but also protection.


We offer recidencial as well as commercial professional services.


We fix any problem like old wood, door repairs and much more.

Power Wash

Forget about the dirt and mold and other problems with our power washing service.

Windows and Gutter Cleaning

forget about blocked gutters or dirty windows, we take care for you.

General Repairs

Our team know what to do in every problem that shows up.

Through the time we have accomplished so many jobs done, this are some numbers to show you as proof of our great job.




Jobs done


Houses painted


Hours spent

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